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React Server components have been in a lot of controversy lately šŸ˜…. Do you know why? Because many claim that it is not ready for production.

I've also been working on updating my Next.js course over to Next.js latest stable version. Thanks to the Next.js team, they have worked on improving the bugs and performance.ā€‹

Remember, innovation can only happen with a bit of resistance. Even though the upgrade has not been a smooth road, we need to work together as a community.

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Our Weekly Snack: Server component cannot be a child of Client Component šŸæ

If you look into the Next.js docs, it is considered an anti-pattern to pass Server component a child of Client component. But this is such a common pattern, isn't it?

Imagine you have a blog and that blog renders a few blog posts with a bunch of Cards on top. Every Card component also has a Date component that formats the date. Now, the structure of it would look like this.

We are wrapping the 2 cards inside another Server component called Card List.

But remember, Card is a Client component and Date is a Server component. So we can no longer just declare Date inside Card anymore i.e. a Server Component inside Client component.

How can we achieve this then? Here's how šŸ‘‡

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You probably know that I am an Educator, and I'm currently working on updating my Next.js course as well as doing the full launch of Developer to Leader.

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