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I've created this roadmap to help you get a job as a Frontend Developer if you need one or if you are an existing developer, then this roadmap will help you figure out the missing gaps in your skillset.

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To help solidify a plan for you to become a Frontend Developer, I'm also putting together an exclusive video on my YouTube channel.

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🤫 Latest Frontend News

​Next.js 14.1 is out ↗️, with majority improvements in developer experience - new documentation, better error messages and logging and more, yayy. Keep an eye out on my Youtube channel for a update video.

ICYMI, Gemini AI is here to compete with OpenAI's ChatGPT, check it out here ↗️​

​Astro 4.0 is here ↗️, comment below if you are using Astro in a real-world application

Want to explore a much faster ESLint for linting your code? well, no look further as OxLint is here ↗️​

​React Postgres Components ↗️ - An experiment on deploying remote functions that run inside Postgres using v8, run React SSR, and are easily defined in a rpc/ directory.

​Server and Client Components and Dan Abramov ↗️ There is yet a big discussion on the naming tries to explain the philosophies and the confusion in our community today.

🔒 `next dev --experimental-https` Next.js can now run HTTPS locally ↗️

Weekly Youtube Videos 💖

The Real Difference between React and Next.js | 2024 🔥

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Complete Crash Course on Tailwind CSS ⚡️

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