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First, thank you so much to those who helped me test the React Server Components course. I appreciate you, the testing squad caught a bunch of bugs which helped speed up my launch. This allows me to create more free resources for this community.

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If you missed it, you could speed up learning React Server Components in-depth by taking this FREE course I've created for you. And Guess What? It's ready!! 🥳

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Our Weekly Snack: React Server Components 🌮

React Server Components in Next.js 13 are a hot topic right now 🔥.

Today, let's check out a snippet to learn about them more in-depth.

I grabbed this snippet from my FREE course: React Server Components.

What's a Server Component? 👇

A server component is a component that is fetched and rendered on the server. They are similar to standard React components but executed on the server rather than the client.

Try to think of Server components as your backend 📦

What's a Client Component? 💻

A client component is a component that is fetched and rendered on the client, typically in a web browser. They are responsible for handling user interactions and updating the user interface.

With React Server Components, when you view a website, your browser only needs to download the JavaScript necessary for Client components and not the entire website.

Instead of asking Client Components, we can ask React Server Components to give us the result of that build.

💡 Please note that Server Components are an experimental feature not ready for adoption.

Here is a quick weekly snack 🍿,

Above is a simple Card component with title, description, date and a button.

Notice that using the 'use client' directive makes Card a client component. If you don't specify, then Card would be a Server component.

The above Card component also has handlers, making it a Client component as Server will not have access to browser click handlers.

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The Frontend Developers Toolbox 🧰

  • ​FontJoy: Generate font combinations for your apps - a fun little app that gives you font combinations that go well together.
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  • ​Dall-e-2: an AI system that can create realistic images and art from your description.

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