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I have been heads down pushing the last 1% of my course Developer to Leader which helps developers transition into Engineering Leadership. I underestimated the effort it takes to get through the finish line, but glad I am here!

I finally did it. Hurray!!! 🥳 The course is fully complete 😃

Ever want to level up into an Engineering Leader even if you don't have Leadership experience? Join us here. 🔥

I have Purchase Power Parity as well as Payment Plans available ✨. If you have any questions, please reply to this email and ask! 🙂

📕 FREE E-book: Defining Technical Excellence 🔥

In Developer to Leader, you will learn important things, such as defining Technical Excellence in your team and org. We all know the pain when an Engineering leader has it poorly defined. It gets frustrating for the developers as they are unsure of what to strive for.

Their team doesn't know the importance of it, which can lead to poor code quality and even product.

If you want a sneak peek at the E-book on Tech Excellence on how you can define it for your team, you can grab it for free here ↗ 🚀

🍿 Our Weekly Snack: Tailwind Gradients 💅

Let's learn how we can create the following block in Tailwind. Tailwind is an absolute game-changer, and you can create the below block in less than 5 minutes.

This block has been grabbed from Developer to Leader and I want to show you how you can create a seamless, beautiful-looking site with Tailwind.

Click on the image to copy the snippet and try it for yourself

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The Frontend Developers Toolbox 🧰

1️⃣ Purge CSS - A tool to remove unused CSS. It scans your project and only keeps the CSS classes you're using, reducing the size of your CSS files.

2️⃣ Tailwind UI - This premium resource provides ready-to-use components and templates built with Tailwind CSS. It can save you a lot of time when styling your applications.

3️⃣ Heroicons - A set of beautifully designed SVG icons that can be easily customized and used in your Tailwind CSS projects. It offers a wide variety of icon categories to choose from.

That's all for today; keep learning and growing!

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