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Moving on, another popular requested topic is Next.js 13 and how we can fetch data. Y'all really love Next.js 13, and here is a snippet.

Our Weekly Snack: Next.js 13 Fetch Static Data

With Next.js 13's experimental changes, how we fetch data will change significantly. Today's snippet shows you how you can fetch data statically in Next.js 13. In Next.js 12, we can bring data using getStaticProps if you can pre-build the page and your page is entirely static.

But with Next.js 13, we no longer need to use `getStaticProps` to fetch data statically. Instead, we can directly do that using `fetch.`

Fetch API now takes a property called { cache: 'no store' } as a 2nd parameter to the fetch function, allowing you to do this.

In the above snippet, we are fetching data from the Pokemon API, and since `fetch` returns a promise, we are calling `await` so we can wait for the promise to resolve. You don't need to provide this property explicitly, as it's there by default for us.

React team also released `use` so you don't have to use await anymore. Check out the RFC here.​

The Frontend Developers News πŸ”₯

  • ​Gatsy got acquired by Netlify Just like Vercel, Netlify wants to be a leader in shipping static apps. But, they say, the future of the web is composable architectures, and only time will tell if Gatsby was worth an investment.
  • ​Ignite Cookbook A lot of times, spinning up React Native apps is cumbersome. This cookbook is easy for developers to browse and share code snippets (or β€œrecipes”) that actually work and spin up apps.

The Frontend Developers Toolbox 🧰

  • ​Llama Life: This is one of my favourite productivity apps. I've been using this to break up complex tasks, which has been a game changer.
  • ​Tinker: Create unique designs by manipulating whimsical machines and making serendipitous discoveries.
  • ​Coolors: If you suck at design just like I do, check out Coolors, which generates beautiful colour combinations for your designs 🎨.

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