Only if you want to become a Senior Engineer 👇


A lot of folks think that their career is not in their control but that's not true at all. You truly own your career growth if you know what to do.

Every developer aspires to climb the career ladder 🪜 and evolve into a more senior role. However, many find this progression challenging or don't get to the level they want.

If you are preparing for a senior role or are just a few years away, I have compiled 5️⃣ key strategies that every developer must pursue to reach seniority.

🍿 Our Weekly Snack: 5️⃣ key strategies to get to a Senior Engineer.

I know you are expecting a code snippet to learn but I think learning to level up is equally important.

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💪 Assume Leadership

When you become a senior developer, you step into a leadership role. Your work now influences not only your team but the entire company. The scope at which you do things widens drastically as the impact of your presence is far-reaching. It is crucial to comprehend the magnitude of your impact, as your contributions matter more than ever.

The code you create, the systems you design — all of these aspects now align with the broader goals of the company.

🏋️‍♀️ Weigh Your Decision Impact

As a senior developer, it becomes crucial to thoroughly scrutinize your decisions and consider the potential impact on the company. You need to manage your time effectively and focus on delegation to optimize productivity.

Your decision-making skills are fundamental to your development work and hence, should be used objectively, thinking about the short-term and long-term impacts.

🔥 Take Full Ownership

Owning your work — past, present, and future — is a fundamental aspect of being a senior developer.

You can't play the blame game or shirk responsibility when things go awry.

Assuming responsibility extends beyond your personal tasks and includes collectively developed features or bugs.

For example, a feature isn't necessarily completed ❌ until it goes fully into production, has been tested and QAed, and you're keeping an eye on system monitoring. It is imperative to be prepared to manage all aspects of a project, not just your direct responsibilities.

✅ Plan for Unexpected Scenarios

Sound strategies are central to functioning effectively as a senior developer.

You must be equipped to plan for unexpected outcomes and prepare for possible risks. Every decision you make involves a certain level of risk, and it's beneficial to assess these risks beforehand carefully.

Always incorporating buffers into your estimates ensures you accommodate any unanticipated developments.

The inherent uncertainties make it always safer to plan for "less time" because if you do have more time, it's a bonus.

These strategies aim to facilitate developers in their journey to seniority.

If you found these insights helpful, let me know what you think about it, experiences, or aspirations related to career progression in the comments.

Happy coding!

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