🍿 Say Goodbye to Tailwind.Config file

Hey friend,

I've been focusing on creating some exciting projects which needed deep focus time. I've released a few things that will get you excited! 😊

You can check those out here:

Ultimate Next.js 14.1 Crash Course πŸ”₯

video preview​

New Tailwind CSS V4 Blew My Mind 🀯

video preview​

I'm planning to drop more crash courses so reply below and let me know what you would like to learn more.

🍿 Our Weekly Snack: Tailwind V4 Alpha

​Tailwind Alpha V4 release is out πŸš€. And it is bigger than EVER!

Once you install Tailwind, all you need to do it '@import tailwindcss' in your CSS file. Take a look at the below Snack.

You can now say Goodbye to Tailwind.Config file πŸ‘‹ as they got rid of that file in the alpha release and everything has now moved to CSS file. We use CSS variables to extend or replace existing design system.

Tailwind Alpha definitely feels like we are walking away from a JavaScript vibe to more CSS and I'm not complaining.

You can watch a detailed walkthrough here ↗️.

🀫 Latest Frontend News

​Tailwind V4 Alpha is out πŸš€β€‹

Watch a Deep dive here to learn all about it. You get a New High performance engine, CSS vibe and we're saying Goodbye to tailwind.config file.

​The launch of Devin AI has taken the world and especially "X" by storm. Devin can learn, build and deploy apps. It can fine tune it's own AI which is quite cool.

MUI is a popular component library based on Google's Material UI. They released Pigment CSS ↗️. It allows you to create reusable styles, access theme values, and define styles based on conditions or prop values using its APIs.

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