🍿 They changed Caching AGAIN in Next.js 15

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🍿 Our Weekly Snack: Next.js 15 and Caching: A Paradigm Shift

Previously (Next.js 14), fetch requests automatically defaulted to caching and you had to purge your cache to opt out of caching.

Remember this?

It's the default option I'm talking about - cache: force-cache.

Next.js 15 introduces a fundamental shift: fetch requests are no longer cached by default 😳.

This empowers developers with greater control over caching strategies, but manual configuration might be required for specific use cases.

Considerations for Upgrading Applications

Upgrading from Next.js 14 to 15 could potentially disrupt applications that rely on the previous caching behaviour.

To maintain consistent behaviour, you may need to explicitly specify cache: 'force-cache' for relevant fetch requests.

🤫 Latest Frontend News

Tailwind CSS released a new version of `prettier-plugin-tailwindcss` this week! Now they automatically clean up unnecessary whitespace in class lists — huge quality of life improvement!

​You can read all about them here ↗️​

Seamlessly move data fetching between client and server in SWR ↗️​

AI News: All ChatGPT Free users can now use browse, vision, data analysis, file uploads, and GPTs 😳.

​Vercel announced it's firewall ↗️ in their Vercel ship event

​Remix is now React Router V7 🤝 The Remix team is merging Remix with React Router. This means that the features from Remix will be included in the next version of React Router (v7). Users of Remix can keep using it or switch to React Router v7 with a simple import change.

✅ Dev Productivity Tip

→ To remove unused imports in VS Code:
Use ğŸŽ OPTION + Shift + O / 🪟🐧 Shift + Alt + O

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