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If you recently heard about React Server vs Client Components, they are the hot news🔥 in Next.js 13. Their RFC (Request for Proposal) was released a year ago but released with Next.js 13 recently.

Let's review a snippet, aka a snack, to learn how they work,

If you need interactivity, such as onClick handlers, or want to use React lifecycle hooks such as useEffect, useCallback etc., then you need to add the directive 'use client'. If you don't, then do nothing, as it's a server-side component. It will make sense if you start thinking of React components like the backend.

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TypeScript 4.9 has landed This means you can now use the 'satisfies' operator. In a nutshell, it allows you to check if the type matches one of these listed types. For example,

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  • FontJoy: Provides you with a font pairing to make your site look good
  • Icons: Gorgeous looking icons for free and open sourced

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