useEvent Hook Snack šŸŒ® and Announcing new Youtube Channel āœØ

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Thanks for all your support in 2022, and I hope 2023 is a fantastic year for us all!

During the holidays, I did a lot of thinking about how I can continue to help you grow. And for that, I have lots of topics planned. More on that in the coming weeks :) Let's review our weekly snack,

Our Weekly Snack: useEvent

What is useEvent?

Imagine if you want to execute an on-click handler code for your child component inside the parent component. You would do something like this,

Now, if the Parent component renders, it will re-render and re-calculate handleOnClickHandler because that's how React works.

This could lead to a massive performance hit āš”ļø if the ChildComponent also had a few other components. This means if handleOnClickHandler renders, ChildComponent will re-render, but along with that, all the components that ChildComponent has declared. This could be better.

How can we get around this?

We can use useMemo, but we are patching the problem instead of fixing the root cause.

The correct solution would be to make some changes inside handleOnClickHandler, which doesn't cause the re-render of the ChildComponent. šŸ¤”

Introducing useEvent āœØ

With useEvent(), we can maintain the same reference even if props or state used within the function change.

Once the function is created, it will give you the reference. It is a more powerful useCallback(). That's a game-changer when it comes to preventing child component re-rendering.

Let's review a snack for this,

Frontend News šŸ”„

We discussed useEvent today as the React team is now looking to change its name to useEffectEvent. Please take a look here, šŸ‘‡

ā€‹React team is renaming useEvent to useEffectEventā€‹

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