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Today's snack is all about learning State management in GraphQL.

If you are used to a state management library like Redux, then using Apollo Client with GraphQL as a replacement will seem daunting.

Redux allows us to easily add a new state to manipulate data on the front end.

Here is a snippet for how we can define local-only fields, i.e. new fields on the GraphQL type, and extend the Server Type with a field that will only resolve on the client. This field means nothing to the Server, and the Server won't even know about it.

For example, the field `stockText` below is a local-only field that will only resolve on the client side. InMemoryCache is the equivalent of Redux but with GraphQL server data added on top.

Let's review a snack,

There is a lot more to state management that this snippet can cover, so take a look at this detailed blog post on how we can use Apollo Client for State management. I'm drawing comparisons with Redux.

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